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  • New Klein July
    New Products from Klein
    Now in Stock at Hite Illuminations The new Klein Tools Illumination line contains lamps that are designed to make your life easier with leading-edge lighting solutions that are effective on and off t... More
  • Louisville Ladder Now In Stock
    Louisville Ladders Now In Stock
    Now In Stock at Hite Louisville Ladder is a global industry-leading manufacturer of high quality aluminum, fiberglass and wood step and extension ladders. Since 1946 they have helped build the indus... More
  • Advantage Pin Sleeve Block
    Hubbell Advantage Series Pin & Sleeve
    The Highest Performing IEC Pin & Sleeve Connections for the Most Demanding Environments Now Available in 30 & 60 Amp! Features and Benefits: Ergonomic Design Robust and Durable Housing Impact Resistant ... More
  • CoilPAK 2
    Southwire SIMpull CoilPAK
    The CoilPAK is a great solution offering reduced install times, less material waste, improved productivity, and labor saving opportunities. Both the CoilPAK and CoilPAK Mini are extremely versatile ... More
  • Lockout Tagout Solutions
    Brady Lockout Tagout Solutions
    Clamp-On Breaker Lockout Extremely Versatile! 120V Snap-On Breaker Lockout Designed for 120V breakers with holes in the switch tongue Quick and Easy! Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout Works with most ... More
  • New Arlington CRC Products
    New from Arlington and CRC
    Snap2It MC Cable Connectors No Tools Saves Time For New and Old Work          Download the Spec Sheet In/Out Box for Fans and Fixtures Adjustable Non-Metallic Box for New Construction Download the Spec Sheet... More
  • Tired of Estimating Training
    Sandler's Selling for Contractors
    Tired of Estimating? Make 2016 the year you sell and build more and estimate less, without playing sales games.  Sponsored by the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc. and conducted by Moore Power... More
  • Harger UltraShot DRONE
    Harger UltraShot DRONE
    Making exothermic connections just got even easier with Harger's new hand held DRONE. Utilizing a Milwaukee M18 Redlithium Battery, the DRONE makes over 1,300 connections on a single charge! The Ul... More
  • AV Wall Box
    Gangable AV Wall Boxes by Hubbell
    The Hubbell Gangable AV Wall Boxes are the ideal solution for in wall applications requiring AV, data and power. Concentric 1"-2" knockouts combined with a 4" depth facilitate easy installation of ... More
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    Posted on 03/18/2015
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The Hite Company has been serving the electrical industry since 1949 and has grown to include 22 locations and has branched out to several different market segments.
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The Hite Company's strong commitment to providing quality products, services and support is key to our ability to serve our clients. We trust their st...

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