New Burndy Grounding and Compression Connectors

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Type GAR Grounding Connectors

These high copper alloy ground connectors are used for joining a range of cable, parallel or at right angles to rod or tube. They are especially good for fence posts. High copper alloy cast body with DURIUM U-bolts, nuts and lockwashers, permit the entire connection to be buried in ground or concrete without danger of corrosion.

GAR Connector

GAR Parallel3    GAR Right Angle2

GAR code

UL467 Listed

One-wrench install

Acceptable for direct burial

Right angle or parallel

Wire to rebar or pipe

Type YA-A Compression Connections

These uninsulated aluminum compression reminals for aluminum and copper conductors are available in 2 and 4 hole designs and are UL Listed for 90° C, 600 Volts to 35 kV.


YA code