Oberon Wireless

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Oberon Wireless is the manufacturer of Wireless & Zone Enclosures and other mounting solutions


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Whether you are in the retail, hospitality, government or education industry, your Wi-Fi network is of utmost importance. Oberon Wireless offers attractive enclosures that fit a wide variety of applications and provide easy access to their contents. 

Oberon Wireless in Healthcare Facilities

Keep Oberon Wireless in mind for healthcare facilities as well. Poking holes in or lifting ceiling tiles to pass antennas or cables is not acceptable as it allows space for dust, mold and fungal spores to travel. Oberon Wireless can help with their enclosures that do not require lifting or penetrating but still allow access to the equipment.

The IC Sentinel is a real-time environment quality monitoring solution, comprised of facility-wide multi-sensor modules and cloud based data collection and reporting software. IC Sentinel is designed to assist infection control professionals and contractors in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. It can monitor, collect, report and address critical air quality and environmental factors such as particle count, differential room pressure, air quality, humidity, sound, and light levels. 

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