PEPPM Program

The Hite Company is now a supplier of products through the PEPPM Program. 

PEPPM is a national program that goes to bid for hundreds of different technology product lines and is known by thousands of schools as the best, most cost-effective source for bid-protected technology contracts. PEPPM currently has more than 280 product line contracts awarded to more than 200 different vendors in various technologies. 

Authorized Distributor of:

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PEPPM Pennsulvania


Product Line Lists


PEPPM Buyer's Guide



Benefits include


Volume discounts

Cost of shipping included

Eliminate the need to bid

Complete catalogs of products

Most-favored customer pricing

Real-time bid-protected pricing

Archives info for audit verification

Checks wholesale and street prices

Dynamic pricing updating regularly

Extremely convenient and easy to use

Provides access to specials and promotions

Conduct bids according to individual state statutes

Cost savings unavailable through local, sole bid efforts

Files Form 470s on behalf of all PA schools and libraries

Have an interest in The Hite Company's offerings through the PEPPM Program? Use our Request a Quote Page to get more information!